Sunday, May 22, 2011

Emo Music Mondays

Don't worry, not actually emo. And sorry to be back on the topic of music already. Work is boring at the moment, socializing is in the process of being jumpstarted, and deep thoughts just aren't deep enough to warrant posting. So, we're back to music.

Here are 3 songs about/relating to emotion.

1. Hooverphonic - Anger Never Dies

Hooverphonic has a new lead singer since the last time I listened to them. But they have the same slow-burn symphonic grandeur, so I'll allow it.

2. Lykke Li - Sadness is a Blessing

Lykke Li has been on my to-listen-to list for probably a year. I finally did, and she's awesome. She has happier stuff, if that's your bag.

3. King Charles - Love Lust

Ignore the hair, and just enjoy the song. Or, alternatively, enjoy the hair.

As a bonus, here's Lykke again, performing Sadness is a Blessing live, which gives it a bit of a different feel.

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