Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring cleaning

I realize that 90% of you read this on facebook or on Google Reader. But if you're one of the remaining people, you've already noticed that I changed the format of my blog.

Maybe you'll like a picture of me on a horse better than me at the Cape of Good Hope. I very nearly put a picture of Kristen Bell there instead, but decided a picture of me was more accurate given the blog's content. But you can vote for a picture of Kristen Bell if you want.

Maybe your blog appears along the side now. Kudos. If not, update it more often.

I got rid of the fish. Sorry if that's why you came here.


Jeanette said...

I only say yes to Kristen Bell if it's her on a horse. Then go for it.

anna. said...

yesss. so glad i made the cut.

and maybe -- you and kristen bell on a horse at the cape of good hope? photoshoppppp.