Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only the Good Die Young

I'm going to talk about tv again, even though I talked about it last time.

Fine, fine, I'll talk briefly about my life. I'm currently doing my ED rotation. ED is what the ER likes to call itself. Which is dumb, because it confuses people who expect it to be called ER, and ED is already an acronym for something else that nobody wants to be associated with. Yet, they will still correct you if you call it the ER, because it's a Department, not a Room.

Anyway, I'm working in the ED, and generally I hate it. Not because I hate the actual work, or the people, who are actually pretty great. I just hate that I've spent the last 1.5 years focusing on psychiatry, and now they want me to remember stuff about spleens. At 4 in the morning. When people might be dying. Like I said, the staff is pretty great actually, it's just not what I want to be doing. And in psych the worst thing that happens is a patient screaming at me, but in the ED it's patients screaming at me, plus rectal exams, pelvic exams, blood, needing translators, not knowing how to use their computers, and not remembering everything I need to about spleens. Psych wins.

Now, on to tv. I love Arrested Development. More than most people. I've seen all the episodes, I've eaten at the banana stand, I've made my friends dress as Tobias. But I'm not really upset that it got canceled. Does the world really need 10 seasons of AD? Could the jokes really keep stacking on top of each other for that long? Would GOB still be riding a Segway in 2011? I would have liked maybe one more season, but not much more. It was such a dense show that I just don't think it would do well on the long haul. Maybe I'm wrong and season 10 would have been sublime comedic bliss. I would love if it were more successful for the writers and producers could do other equally brilliant projects, but I'm not really sad that I watch AD on DVD not on TV.

Terriers on the other hand, should not have been canceled. It ran on FX from September to December of 2010. I just watched it last week. It was awesome. Imagine if The Dude were a detective, and you get the picture. Or imagine if Veronica Mars were an alcoholic former policeman. Either way you've got a great show and either way you'd have Terriers. But no one watched it, including myself, and now it's dead. And it ends in a cliffhanger!

Terriers, the best thing to happen Terriers since this song:

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Michelle! said...

Great title Billy Joel, and what's the ED? Aren't you supposed to be doctor or something?