Thursday, March 05, 2009

The answer is no

Every now and again someone welcomes me with this:

"Hey Chris, you dating Pseudonym yet?"

Yes, Pseudonym is a place-holder. But wouldn't it be funny to have Pseudonym as your pseudonym?

Back to my point, this is a weird thing to say. Someone said it again to me yesterday. I'd probably get asked this less if I were dating someone. But I'm not, and regardless, it's a weird thing to say.

  1. If the speaker is my buddy, this is fine. We've probably talked about who I'm trying to woo. But they should probably know already.
  2. If the speaker is married/coupled, it can sound patronizing. "I'm happy, here's the obvious solution that you've somehow missed you stupid stupid single person. Stupid."
  3. If the speaker is single, their discussion of me dating someone else implies that they're not interested in me.
  4. If Pseudonym is someone I'm not interested in, it's off-putting. Really? You think mayonnaise will go well on my pie? Really?
  5. If Pseudonym is someone I am interested in, it provides false validation. "Exactly! It's obvious to everyone except Pseudonym that we're perfect for each other."

I'm not oversensitive. I'm really quite undersensitive. I wasn't offended at this question yesterday, nor have I ever been. It's just a weird way to say hello. This coming from someone who frequently uses questions as his salutations.

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