Sunday, December 02, 2007

Chrismix 2: 007

I started Chrismix 2: 007 last week. I’ve whittled it from 150 to 60. It’s those last 40 that will be hard. Curse you bands!

My rules this year:

1. The song must be new to me this year.
2. The band must be new to me this year (this is a new rule.)
3. Only one song per band.
4. The CD must be appropriate for all ages (excluding babies who are being reared in silence.)

Rule 1 is easy. In fact I need that requirement to even make the process manageable; a generic mix would have no motivating force. Rule 2 is hard, because I do love that new Radiohead album. Rule 4 eliminates about a third of the new stuff I listen to (indie, rock and rap) which should probably tell me something, but I’m going to ignore whatever that may be. But Rule 3 is the killer. I’ve been listening to music by album more than by single these last couple years, so it’s really hard to pick the single song the best represents the band.

This is a silly project. At least it keeps me from studying those stupid kidneys. I hate the nephron, nephrology and nephrologists. Especially nephrologists.


Amy-Alisa said...

are we getting a copy, even if you don't "have" us this year? please?

Michelle said...

Am I getting a copy too?

Ranteumptom said...

I only know one amy-alisa, but I know many michelles. Is this the homeless one? How did you get on the internet? I thought the public library kicked you out weeks ago.