Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Some lessons from Thanksgiving weekend

1. I have never, nor is it likely that I ever shall use my vacation effectively. My goal: study for 3 hours a day. That didn’t happen. It was a slackerly goal, and still didn’t happen. Wanting to get stuff done just spoils the vacation.
2. I don’t really like Thanksgiving. What is the main component of the holiday? Eating. I enjoy eating, but I don’t want a holiday for it. I don’t really have any family traditions, so there’s nothing else to do. I don’t like football, so the main activities of the day are also not enjoyable. All in all, it’s just not a good holiday for me. I may not celebrate it in the future.
3. It’s always cold on Thanksgiving. It was 70 degrees on Wednesday. It was 30 on Thursday. This wasn’t a problem, except I had to run a football game. I stayed by the hot chocolate the whole morning.
4. People don’t like sweet potatoes. I made a bunch, and brought about 80 % of them home. This was great, because I like them and got to eat them for the next couple days.
5. Black Friday, when experienced in moderation, is both easy and unproductive. I went to four stores, which weren’t the ones having huge sales. I went at 10, which is after the crazy sales started, but before the masses lazier than I got to the store. The really good stuff was already gone. But I didn’t have any lines and got some reasonably good deals. My experience didn’t increase or decrease my chances of shopping on this dreaded day next year.
6. Spamalot is nearly as funny on repeat viewings. I’m not a huge theater person, and have never seen a play more than once. But when offered a free ticket to the show which is in Columbus for the week, I took it. I think the presentation on Broadway was better (as you’d expect) but this was still a very enjoyable experience. I think due to the variability of a live performance, repeat viewings of plays hold up better than watching films over and over. But it’s not nearly as cost effective.


emily said...

I tried to skip Thanksgiving this year; apparently it is considered unpatriotic.

Erin said...

I love sweet potatoes! Granted, it has only been in the last 5 yrs or so that I figured this out. Maybe those you celebrated with just haven't been so enlightened yet.